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    What gives DCMA the authority to process a Certificate of Completion ?


    See research at from the FAR on "Completion" Contracting (professionals) have learned to be very conservative.  In the past, I am sure we accepted articles, construction and services, that were not done.  By doing so, we interfered with or created a problem with the process.

    If I had a copy of the Section H clause, perhaps I could articulate the intent better.

    However, the contractor signed the contract with that clause in it. They are responsible for what they sign. We (contracting) have to make sure it (whatever it is) has been inspected, then accepted and that the contractor gets paid for the contractual agreement.  I hope this helps,
    I would be interested in the Section H Clause.
    I am also sure DCMA has run into significant challenges in the past in this area.

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