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    How do I determine if the nominated COR is actually technically qualified (other than COR training) to monitor performance? The nominated COR is an FM Government employee who has no technical expertise in the actual work being performed. This person has been a COR previously however I believe that their nomination should not have been accepted because again, they do not have the technical expertise in the actual work being performed. The COR handbook states "Should have technical expertise". Which is not a "SHALL" or "MUST".


    A different twist on a question we’ve answered many times before here at AAP.
    First, it is no longer appropriate to rely on or use the DOD COR HDBK to answer this type of question.  Instead you should refer to DoDI 5000.72 - DoD Standard for Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) Certification.  It was issued earlier this year and it can be found here:

    Enclosure 5 provides the guidance on what the training and experience (qualification) requirements are required (as well as other pertinent information) to be assigned a COR in DoD.  It also lists competencies and skills a COR should have depending on the contract action they are being assigned to.
    Your question or the background did not identify if this was a type A, B, or C requirement which is germane to the question and corresponding answer.  Have you made that determination yet?  Unless you are having the COR participate in the pre-award process (which is a really, really, good thing to do), then the type requirement determination should be done before a potential COR is identified.  That helps translate for the requiring activity the person(s) they should be nominating.  See the DoDI, Enclosure 6, tables 2, 3, and 4 for guidance/help in determining what type (A, B, or C) your requirement should be.
    Finally, you may want to find out who your organization or service component’s COR Coordinator is (the DoDI required someone be appointed/assigned this duty) to see if they have published additional guidance or policy for you to follow.

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