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    When a Draft or BOIP narrative is not available in FMS WEB, what document identifies/describes the capability that this LIN brings to the Army and what document describes the basis of issue?


    AR 71-32, Force Development and Documentation outlines the Basis of Issue Plan (BOIP) process.  The process is managed by the US Army Force Management Support Agency (USAFMSA) and the DCS G-3/5/7 has management oversight responsibilities.

    The information found in the BOIP can be found in FMS Web and the various JCIDS development documents such as the CDD and the CPD.

    Paragraph 1-6, AR 71-32 does limit access to the FMS Web.  Also, paragraph 4-4 exempts certain types of programs from the requirement of providing BOIP information and documentation.  If there are issues based on either paragraph from AR 71-32, USAFMSA should be contacted.

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