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    Is there any advantage to combining sole source PBL and Engineering Services contracts into a Single Source IDIQ? I am trying also to figure out how the CLIN structure could be laid out and what would the Task or Delivery Order requirements be...


    Advantage - There could be a savings of money via getting a better price as well as saving time due to less actions.
    Disadvantage - This effort could lead to bundling a contract which could affect small business' (see FAR Part 7. 107), the industrial base, competition requirements, etc.  In addition, you would be restricting yourself to one contractor for all the services you need.
    CLIN Structure:  There are a variety of ways to structure the CLINs - we would suggest you talk with your legal office and agency to provide suggestions as they may have a format they follow or strongly suggest. However, you could list the tasks in CLIN and SUB CLIN format and then provide task orders accordingly. You would want to ensure flexibility in the structuring of the PBL's. 

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