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    What is the typical time between SRR and PDR and PDR and CDR in MDAP programs/


    There really isn’t a typical time between engineering/technical reviews.  According to the Defense Acquisition Guidebook, Section 4.2.8 at, “Technical reviews of program progress should be event driven and conducted when the system under development meets the review entrance criteria as documented in the Systems Engineering Plan (SEP).  Systems engineering (SE) is an event-driven process based on successful completion of key events as opposed to arbitrary calendar dates.  As such, the SEP should discuss the timing of events in relation to other SE and program events.”  There is a notional sequence of engineering/technical reviews and a typical timing associated with the acquisition phases (also in Section 4.2.8), but actual conduct of the review is program dependent.

    To highlight the wide variations, a review of GAO’s Assessment of Selected Weapon Programs at shows the PDR and CDR dates on several programs.  For example the time from PDR to CDR for:
    1)  Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR)  19 months
    2)  BMDS Aegis Ashore  4 months
    3)  BMDS Aegis SM-3 Block IB  26 months
    4)  BMDS Aegis SM-3 Block IIA  18 months
    5)  Integrated Defensive Electonic Countermeasures  12 months
    6)  JAGM  33 months
    7)  JPALS  12 months
    8)  KC-46  16 months

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