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    I am trying to learn how the process works for how a specific locations becomes designated to be the Designated Overhaul Point (rework facility) for an end item. Who makes that decision and how do the services play if there is more than one service that uses that end item?


    The process to which you are referring is the Depot Source of Repair (DSOR) Analysis and its purpose is  to help the PM select the best value in depot maintenance support. The Depot Source of Repair Guide answers most of your questions and provides additional information for accomplishing the required Core Logistics Analysis/Source of Repair Analysis in determining the source of repair for depot level workload. 

     The Depot Source of Repair Guide is being retained as a historical artifact until DoD issues new DSOR policy. The Joint Depot Maintenance Activities Group (JDMAG), which issued this document was disestablished in 2012, so this document should not be considered official DoD policy or guidance. In case the link doesn't work, that guidebook can be found at  
    The DSOR decision is typically made during the Engineering & Manufacturing Development and updated in the Production and Deployment Phases of the acquisition process.

    The DSOR decision process consists of two major elements, normally performed sequentially: The first is the organic versus contract source of repair determination. This determination is made by the PM using a DoD Component approved analysis process that gives consideration to core requirements. Title 10 USC 2464, Core Logistics Capabilities; Title 10, USC 2466, Limitations on the Performance of Depot Level Maintenance of Materiel, and DoD Directive 4151.18 provide further guidance for this process.

    As to your question about multiple services using the same end item, the second element in the DSOR decision process is consideration of interservice depot maintenance support. This element, known as the Depot Maintenance Interservice (DMI) review, is required regardless of the outcome of the contract versus organic selection. The DMI review is prescribed in the Joint Depot Maintenance Program regulation Logistics, Joint Depot Maintenance Program with individual DoD Component details spelled out in OPNAVINST 4790.14A, AMC-R 750-10, AFI 21-133(I), MCO P4790.10B, and DLAD 4151.16. All new acquisitions, equipment modifications, and items moving to or from contract depot maintenance support are to be reviewed for interservice potential in accordance with this regulation.
    If you would like to discuss further implications of the DSOR process, feel free to contact me, Dean Newman, at 240.895.7321.

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