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    Do you have an example of a completion (or outcome) based TTO?


    Rather than being a specified form or template the idea of "completion" task orders is an extension of the concept of the performance work statement (PWS).  FAR 2.101 defines “Performance Work Statement (PWS)” as a statement of work for performance-based acquisitions that describes the required results in clear, specific and objective terms with measurable outcomes.  The PWS is what makes performance based acquisitions unique. FAR 2.101 defines "Performance-based acquisition (PBA)” as an acquisition structured around the results to be achieved as opposed to the manner by which the work is to be performed. Ensuring your PWS has measurable outcomes will be very important to achieving successful completion task orders. Better than a form or template, the Automated Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) can help you draft precisely what your acquisition scenario requires.  While specifically designed for describing service outcomes, the concept of stating requirements in clear, objective, and measurable outcomes works for supplies as well. The ARRT can be helpful in drafting both service and supply completion technical task order work statements. 

    DFARS PGI 237.102-77 explains, "The Automated Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) is a tool that enables requiring activities to develop and organize performance requirements into draft versions of the performance work statement, the quality assurance surveillance plan, and the performance requirements summary. ARRT provides a standard template for these documents and some default text that can be modified to reflect a particular requirement. This tool should be used to prepare contract documents for all performance-based acquisitions for services. ARRT is available for download at"

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