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    Is there a DAWIA certification for CORs? Other than the required training be to a COR is it in the best interest of the command to make this a requirement.


    First, It warms my heart to hear CORs in your command work closely with (and hopefully have a good relationship with) your contracting officers.  I wish that was more common across DoD.
    Second, I’ve answered similar questions regarding CORs and Certification and DAWIA; did you know that AAP has a search function?  It can be very handy.  In addition, most search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) will identify AAP answers.
    Back to your question:

    No, there is not a DAWIA certification for CORs.  In DoD, we certify CORs at the contract or order level.  You do not get a certificate that says “I’m a COR” like you would if you were a COR in a Civilian Agency.  See DoDI 5000.72 - DoD Standard for Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) Certification. 
    You see, DoD is only authorized a certain number of DAWIA coded positions.  The services don’t have the authority to decide to make individuals in non DAWIA coded positions - defense acquisition workforce personnel, even if they complete all of the training, education and experience requirements.  To get addition positions coded as DAWIA would have to be requested when the service submits their manpower budget.
    If you would like to learn/read about the DAWIA certification standards, click this link.  Our only suggestion to you would be to compete for a DAWIA coded position opening.  There is absolutely nothing that prohibits DAWIA certified personnel from being a COR.

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