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    Request clarification regarding these situations or if you could refer me to someone who may be able to answer. 1) If the vendor sends me a quote with my name on it - is this wrong? Or when does it constitute as wrong - quotes or invoice or receipt? 2) If a vendor addresses the boxes to me of merchandise purchased by my Soldiers, is that wrong? Thank you, SGM PJ


    It is not "wrong" from an ethical perspective, which I assume you're asking about, if a vendor sends a quote, invoice or receipt to you. However, it's not clear why they are going to you as the program coordinator instead of to the card holder. That needs to be fixed. The same applies to the merchandise. Even if the documentation and merchandise eventually reach the individuals who should actually receive them, you'll want to avoid the appearance that any items are for your personal use. So based on the information contained in your question, the issue that needs to be resolved has more to do with appearances rather than with any serious ethical violation.

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