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    I currently hold a warrant limitation up to $6.5M; however, I am being requested to participate in a CRB for a BPA Pre-Solicitation for $183M. Is that a legitimate request? Or am I required to have a warrant up to that amount. My position is a GS-12 1102.


    The warrant limitation applies to the dollar value up to which you can obligate the government, or in some cases, to administer contracts. You are not obligating the government or administering a contract by participating on a contract review board, just as members of a source selection board do not obligate the government or administer a contract. FAR 1.603 authorizes agencies/services to establish specific authority limits for their contracting officer warrants. So, unless your agency has a separate policy that ties warrant limitations to participation on CRBs, I see no problem in this situation.

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