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    I'm not aware of anything that says you can waive the TAA requirement on CHESS due to price. All I've seen is that the KO can waive the TAA requirement if no compliant products are offered. In this scenario am I forced to buy the TAA compliant switch since it's being offered under a CHESS contract and meets my specifications?


    There are instances when an item that is required to be ordered under a CHESS contract is not TAA compliant and no TAA compliant item is available. Contracting officers can waive the TAA requirement and purchase the non-TAA compliant item after confirming:
    •  The item to be purchased is non-TAA compliant.
    •  No TAA compliant items are available from any CHESS contractor.
    •  No other TAA compliant items are available that will satisfy the requirement.
    I don't know of any waiver authority for price-related reasons. This is the "cost" of adhering to trade agreements. You may want to contact the CHESS Customer Support Team at (888) 232-4405 for more information. 

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