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    Which option is beneficial and why? MATOC & SATOC working together SATOC as a stand alone


     Here are some things to consider as you research whether a Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC) or a Single Award Task Order Contract (SATOC) best fits your needs:
    •  Multiple Award helps provide for competition on task orders over the period of the contract, as you compete each task order.  This brings the advantages of competition (better prices, better quality, etc.) to bear on each task order over the life of the contract.
    •  Multiple Award may make it more likely that you will always have a supplier available for each task order, whereas with Single Award you are dependent on a single supplier.
    •  In your market research have you identified any suppliers that could service your entire requirement for 54 states and territories?  If not, Multiple Award may be more suitable.
    •  Multiple Award does require more administrative effort to compete the individual task orders; this is not an issue with Single Award.

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