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    On DD 1594, Block 8--Notice of Physical Completion: Should the "Name of Responsible Official" (found below the "Final Acceptance Date" field) be the Contract Specialist performing the closeout or the Contracting Officer who accepted/signed the final invoice from the contractor?


    DFARS 204.804 Closeout of contract files says "Contracting officers shall close out contracts in accordance with the procedures at PGI 204.804."  However, as we know, the contracting officer is responsible for many, many things in the FAR and DFARS but does not actually do all of those things themselves, rather contracting specialists do many of them.  So, therefore, since the contracting officer is responsible for closing out the contract, they could sign the DD Form 1594 as the responsible official and in many contracting activities, this is the policy.  However, since the DD Form 1594 is an administrative document for government use only, it is possible that another responsible official could sign the form with the knowledge of the contracting officer, in accordance with the approved procedures of the agency or contracting activity.

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