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    Please provide the definition of MSD and NSD to include where they can be located.


    The “Material Support Date” (MSD) is “the date that the Product Support Inventory Control Point (PSICP) is responsible for providing material support for both retail outfitting and wholesale requirements from the supply system.”  This definition is reflected in NAVSUP Pub 548 “ILS Supply Handbook” 1998.  (The 1998 version is the current version.)  Click the hot link for an extract from NAVSUP Pub 548 for more info on the MSD.
    A key aspect of the MSD is the transition of funding sources and appropriations.  Prior to MSD, the program office (and procurement appropriation dollars) are responsible for interim support.  After the parts are "stable" – provisioning technical documentation and spares on the shelf, the material transitions to PSICP support, and O&M funds start paying the bill.
    While the term “Navy Support Date” appears to have been an official term at some point, the writer was not able to locate it in any official publication, whether current or legacy.  One subject matter expert consulted by the writer stated that although he is not aware of the term having been cancelled, he is not aware of it having been used for some time.  His recollection is that it referred to when Navy had full capability for the item (i.e., organic repair).  The reference to maintenance capability would give the term a different orientation than MSD, which in contrast addresses supply support.  The foregoing, however, is provided for information only and should be treated as notional, since it is apparently not substantiated in current official documentation.

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