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    Now that the vendor is no longer registered as a small business under NAICS 811310, can future Task Orders be awarded to Scott Tech under this contract.


    Basically, when a small business contractor status changes during performance of a contract action, as such in this case during a multi-year IDIQ contract, your agency may no longer count future orders towards meeting your small business goals.  If you feel the change in this contractor's status is erroneous, as well as the contractor, you may want to talk to someone about the specifics regarding small business size standards in relation to NAICS codes.  See FAR 19.301 for details.  The SBA’s Office of Government Contracting has designated size specialist available throughout the nation who specialize in these type of matters.  Recommend you contact SBA directly, IAW FAR 19.201(c), if you feel this matter should be looked into further. 

    You can locate your SBA point of contact by going to the SBA's webpage:

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