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    What are the differences between a PSI and ISEA?


    A product support integrator (PSI) is a formally bound agent charged with the integration of all sources of support - public and private, with the objective of providing logistics support to the warfighter and meeting operational requirements.  The PSI can be either a contractor or government organization.  If the PSI is a contractor, they will be under the provisions of a contract.  If the PSI is a government organization, the agreement will be in the form of an MOU or MOA.  The level of integration effort is determined by the program office and can range from specific elements of support to total system integration support.

    An in service engineering agent (ISEA) is an organization that is normally charged with supporting engineering studies, reliability improvements, and other specific issues.  They are NOT charged with integrating all sources of support, nor are they charged with meeting operational requirements for the warfighter. Again, an ISEA can be either a contractor or government agency.

    Additional information concerning PSIs and the development of product support strategies can be found in the Product Support Manager (PSM) guidebook, and the Performance Based Logistics (PBL) guidebook.  Both can be found on the DAU website at:

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