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    In reading DFARS 237.72 are the cost of books authorized? In reading DFARS 237.72, we feel an ordering agreement would best be used for the new requirement, but need to ensure all aspects of the requirement are covered under the DFARS.


    Under such an arrangement, books would be more likely to fall under the category of fees, rather than tuition. However, the DFARS is not explicit in mentioning books under its description of what can be charged as a fee. Instead, "fees" are described as (m) “Fees” means those applicable charges directly related to enrollment in the Contractor's institution. Unless specifically allowed in the request for services, fees shall not include—
    (1) Any permit charge, such as parking and vehicle registration; or
    (2) Charges for services of a personal nature, such as food, housing, and laundry.

    So, there appears to be some room for interpretation. Although, they are not specifically excluded, one might have to figure out whether or not the charge for books could be considered a "book fee" and if they met the parameters to be included as such a charge. Ultimately, please consult with the cognizant Contracting Officer and your local attorney for a firm decision on the matter. 

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