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    In general for any program, regardless of ACAT level, is there a DoD or Army regulation that requires the MDA to approve updates to acquisition documents, or is MDA approval only required to support decision points? In other words, can the approval of document updates that are not in support of decision points be approved by the O-6 PM?


    Acquisition categories (ACAT) are established to provide appropriate oversight based on the investment dollars to be expended. The Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) is the designated individual with overall responsibility for a program. Most often, that authority is maintained along with designated document review/approval authority until the final acquisition review for which the MDA is responsible.

    Normally, this coincides with the Full Rate Production (FRP) review. Administrative procedures may vary among programs, but as a general rule the MDA will document the completion of responsibility in an Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) and formalize the transition of the program from an acquisition program to a sustainment program. The program manager or product support manager cannot assume document authority until the MDA releases authority.

    I suggest you look at the program's Life Cycle Sustainment Plan and AR 750-10, The Army Modification Program for further guidance. Depending on the investment dollar level of the modification, you may be able to operate in the sustainment environment, but, if the investment dollar level is high enough, you may be looking at a new ACAT program.  

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