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    Are we permitted to ask for resumes assuming we don't actually contact the individual and hold interviews. The resume would serve as the qualification statement, in order for us to determine the individual meets the requirements of the contract.


    Per our conversation a few minutes ago, like I said I have been in your situation.  You were concerned that the contractor would give you unqualified personnel during the contract execution period and wanted to be able to get a resume to assure that these replacement people would be qualified to do the job.  A requirement you had not placed in the contract before the fact.  You shared with me that the qualification statement were sometime so vague as to not give you an assurance that the person could perform the work.  We discussed the need to do a better job in writing those qualification statements requirements in the in the first place.  A resume could fall short too if you have not stated what you want in the resume.  Also as we talked about doing better coordination with the contracting officer to ensure you tell the contractors specifically what you want in those replacement workers.  Again as I said please ensure you are coordinating with the others on your acquisition team and adhering to your local as well as command policies.  If you have further questions please feel free to call me.

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