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    What are the ASARC Requirements WIPT function, the implications to JCIDS and when does the Requirements WIPT occur?


    The Question Background is correct. The Requirements Working-Level Integrated Product Team (WIPT) supports the Army Systems Acquisition Review Council Integrated Product Team (ASARC IPT).
    Since these questions appear to be Army-specific, any JCIDS implications depend on the Joint Staffing Designator (JSD) assigned by the JCIDS Gatekeeper.
    The ASARC IPT determines the functions of the Requirements WIPT and specifies those functions in a charter. Since the Requirements WIPT supports the ASARC IPT, the Requirements WIPT begins its tasks once the ASARC Team Leader approves the charter. The Requirements WIPT supports the Team Leader’s schedule. The Requirements WIPT remains chartered either until the Team Leader releases it after successfully completing its tasks or until the ASARC IPT disbands.
    There is another question implicit in the Question Background: Can the ASARC Requirements WIPT supersede capability requirements required by the User? Essentially, both IPTs must consider many items, to include cost and the state of technology. Users cannot always have perfect systems to meet their capability requirements. One function of the Requirements Manager is to advise the IPTs on the feasibility of tradeoffs during systems development and acquisition.

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