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    Is the Contracting Officer required to provide the debriefing to the Offerors who submitted proposals? But the Solicitation was cancelled and the offerors were notified of the cancellation. But we still have received some requests for debriefing. If yes, please provide the authority (FAR or AIDAR). Thank you!


    The FAR is open to interpretation in this type situation.  Technically, there is no pre-award as there is not going to be an award. However, to avoid any problem with the offeror who is requesting a debriefing, you might send an email to the offeror with the information in FAR 15.505(e) minus the information in (e)(2) since you are not eliminating the offeror from competition.  Explain that this is a courtesy debriefing and not one explicitly required by FAR since there is to be no award and no selection of awardee was made.  Informing them of the problems/deficiencies in their proposal which were not relayed in the discussion would be all that would be available.

    This would take a minimum of effort and might eliminate the potential for major problems which the contractor may try to cause in the future.

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