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    Does the FAR mandate that appliance purchases must be EnergyStar or FEMP rated? If so, where does it state that?


    Yes, there is discussion in the regulations regarding the requirements to make certain purchases that are EnergyStar or FEMP rated. See FAR part 23. Although you will want to read the FAR part in its entirety to ensure your acquisition is covered by it, note FAR 23.103(a), Sustainable Acquisitions, where it says that "Federal agencies shall advance sustainable acquisition by ensuring that 95 percent of new contract actions for the supply of products and for the acquisition of services (including construction) require that the products are—
      (1) Energy-efficient (ENERGY STAR® or Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP)-designated);
      (2) Water-efficient;
      (3) Biobased;
      (4) Environmentally preferable (e.g., EPEAT®-registered, or non-toxic or less toxic alternatives);
      (5) Non-ozone depleting; or
      (6) Made with recovered materials."

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