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    Does DAU have a 2016 NDAA Change Summary Brief that could be shared with the DAWF?


    See the NDAA 2016 Crosswalk document at (to be sent seperately) 

    Please note that this Crosswalk document is in executive summary format. For details, you should go to the committee reports or the actual legislation.
    a. HASC NDAA 2016 Report on H.R. 1735, (Report 114-102, May 5, 2015)
    b. SASC NDAA 2016 Report on S. 1356 (Report 114-49, May 19, 2015)
    c. H.R. 1735, NDAA 2016, as passed by the House
    d. Senate Amendment to H.R. 1735, as passed by the Senate
    e. NDAA 2016 Conference Report (Report 114-270, Sep 29, 2015)
    f. H.R. 1735, Final, Oct 20, 2015, vetoed by the President Oct 22, 2015
    g. S. 1356, NDAA 2016 (final signed by President, Public Law 114-92)
    h. Joint Explanatory Statement to Accompany S. 1535

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