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    Are there other simplified sources to provide to the Program Manager on Off Contracting? If there are can you provide the services? Thank you


    I suggest you stick with all of FAR 17.5, then go to DFARS 217.5 (and associated PGI), and finally AFARS 5117.5.  DoDI 4000.19 is not applicable in your situation (reference all of paragraph 2.b. (starting on the cover page) “This instruction does not apply to:”  Because, after our conversation, the only thing I could understand is that you are looking for someone outside your organization to be your contracting office (?) OR, you may want to use some other agencies contract vehicle(s).

    Please do not use the phrase or terminology “off-contracting” or “contracting offloading”; here’s why:
    “OFF-LOADING: The abuse of the ECONOMY ACT and INTER-AGENCY Contracting in order to avoid competition, restrictions on the use of APPROPRIATIONS, and oversight requirements.  The practice came to light in the early 1990s and sparked much congressional concern…”
    Source: The Government Contracts Reference Book – a Comprehensive Guide to the Language of Procurement, third edition, the George Washington University.

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