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    Can you provide clarification regarding if a Email should be a CDRL. Please see below SOW statement: Where the Contractor identifies the specifications and associated documentation and drawings provided as GFI are inadequate to ensure systems conformance and/or impact the Contractor's ability to manufacture and assemble a component/item, the Contractor shall notify the Government via e-mail.


    The Contract Requirements Data List (CDRL) provides for a standardized method of listing the government's data needs under contract performance. It groups data requirements into a single document rather than having them scattered throughout the solicitation or contract. However, just because a data requirement (such as email notifications in your case) are not listed on a CDRL does not mean it's not a requirement if contained elsewhere in the contract. So while including it in the CDRL is a good idea for efficiency's sake, it can alternatively be included in another part of the contract (e.g., Section H Special Contract Requirements) and still be enforceable.

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