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    The link to the ASDB appears to be broken. I have attempted to go to the link listed in 2011 PPP Outline and Guidance memo ( on a SIPRNET system to register for access but the site appears to be off line. My government sponsors have also tried without success. Is the ASDB still active or perhaps the site address has changed? Any information is appreciated. So far both I and my government sponsor are hitting dead ends.


    The link you reference is in Section 13.8 - Horizontal Protection of the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG).  It may be broken, but DAU is not the process owner for this site and cannot access it from a non-classified system. The following contact information is posted in the DAG "If you need assistance, please contact the Acquisition Security Database (ASDB) Technical Team at (252) 464-5914 or DSN 451-5914."  Additionally, this is the relevant policy document on this topic that may prove helpful

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