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    We have had some discussion in the office about what the date should be for the Date of Determination for a Distribution Statement in an SOP. We understand that the date should be the date that the Distribution Statement was determined. The question is, when would that be? Is that some date determined by the author of the SOP as the SOP is being developed or when the SOP is officially signed off and ready for use? An author could finish up the SOP some time before the SOP is routed for signature and the document completed. If we wait until the SOP is completely signed off then we would have to go back into the document and change the date, which would mean that the document has changed since it was signed.


    The effective date of an SOP is the date it’s signed.  That gives enough time for coordination with any affected organization responsible for an affiliated DoDI that has either a dependency or interdependency. Thanks for your question.

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