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    What is the proper terminology for the total service (in my case Army) Acquisition Objective and the total overall program (to include all services) Acquisition Objective?


    The DoD Manual 4140.01, Volume 6 (August 14, 2015) refers to the Approved Acquisition Objective as the entire DoD Procurement Objective and uses the term AAO or Approved Acquisition Objective.  The DoD Manual describes AAO as "the quantity of an item authorized for peacetime and wartime requirements to equip and sustain U.S. and allied forces, according to current DoD policies and plans. That quantity shall be sufficient to support other U.S. Government agencies, as applicable".
    Army Regulation 70–1, 'Army Acquisition Policy', defines Army Acquisition Objective (AAO) as "the quantity of an item required to equip the U.S. Army approved force and to sustain that force, together with specified allies, in wartime... through the period prescribed... at the prescribed support level".
    This is a case where the acronym (AAO) has two different meanings and can be used for either meaning; therefore, it is important to further clarify the definition when "AAO" is used. 

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