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    What is the best means to obtain a ORD/CDD for every operational class of Navy ship? I recently graduated from the RQM310 course and was of the opinion that there was a database, requires separate access than the DAU homepage, that would allow me to data-mine for the ORD/CDDs that I am looking for. Is that true?


    The first place is the Knowledge Management/Decision Support (KM/DS) maintained by the Joint Staff.  It can be accessed via SIPR.
      a. If the individual doesn't have access to KM/DS, I suggest going to the JCIDS Intellipedia site run by Joint Staff J8.  The website is:  – access requires a CAC.  This site also provides the latest JCIDS information.  It is the “golden source”.  There are also POCs listed on the site that may be able to help gain access to the KM/DS. Please don't hesitate to call them.  Mr. John DeRosa is probably the best starting point.  His phone number is on the JCIDS page
      b. Once on the JCIDS page, go to the bottom to see the email address individuals need to contact to access KM/DS via SIPR.  They will send instructions and users guides on navigating the KM/DS.  The site is  somewhat complicated, but once familiar with it, it's easier to use.
      c. Once on KM/DS, there is a search function using various key words.
    The second resource is the Navy Staff – in fact, they may have more of the older legacy documents in their possession than what’s on KM/DS.  POC for JCIDS and the Navy Requirements Management community manager is the Navy Joint Capabilities Board (JCB) rep, OPNAV code N81D (O-7), and the Joint Requirements and Acquisition branch, OPNAV code N810 (O-6), Pentagon Rm 4D453, phone 703-693-9093.

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