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    How do user requirements relate to KPPs/KSAs? What document outlines the requirements officers authority limits? Is it outside the authority of a Requirements Officer to waive or defer performance specifications even if they are derived from user requirements?


    1) The job of the Requirements Manager is to convert user requirements into KPPs, KSAs, and APAs.

    2) CJCSI 3170 and the JCIDS Manual specify the limits of the Requirements Managers and of the JCIDS. These publications are available online at:

    3) Yes, it is outside the authority of the Requirements Manager to waive or defer performance specifications. The Requirements Manager is correct.  Requirements Managers do not make determinations on PSPEC derived requirements. JCIDS validates the KPPs, KSAs, and APAs in the requirements documents. Any changes to those KPPs, for example, must go through the JCIDS validation authority.

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