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    Can we still use the open slots to fill repairs on the expired contract or do we need to deob the remaining funding?


    So long as the order is placed during the ordering period of the IDIQ contract, that order remains open until it is complete or terminated.  Provided fiscal law and the requirements of the Anti-deficiency act are fully respected so far as funding is concerned, all "repair slots" ordered can be used. While the 5 year limitation on the ordering period at FAR 16.505(c)(1) specifically applies to task order contracts, it is generally accepted as a limitation for delivery order contracts as well. FAR 16.505(a)(7)(iv) indicates each order must include a delivery or performance schedule for that order. An order placed on the last day of the IDIQ ordering period can, and often must, run well past the end of the IDIQ contract period of performance under which it was placed. 

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