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    Is there any other guidance other than SB 742-1 on creating local lot numbers for lots of unknown small arms ammunition?


    SB 742-1 Appendix E para: E-6 is the only guidance to the best of my knowledge that discusses Local Lot Number creation.
    Local Lot Numbers can only be assigned to Small Arms Ammunition with lost lot identity. Munitions and configuration components (links, clip, etc.) will be segregated by caliber, type and model designation. A 100-percent visual inspection and classification of rounds and components will be made to include performance of required testing, where applicable, according to MIL-STDs, drawings and provisions. Links which have been cycled through weapons will not be reused.
    Serviceable munitions will be assigned a local lot number consisting of a three digit activity symbol, lot sequence number, identification code "U" (unknown) and year established, e.g., BAP-3U-80.
    SAA with local lot numbers are prohibited from use for overhead fire and qualification exercises. In addition; an Ammunition Data Card (ADC) is not required.
    Lot Number construct information can be found in MILSTD 1168C. Where a lot number is to be assigned locally (for other than small arms ammunition), such as in creation of a regrouped lot, the information will be furnished to the applicable commodity command. Concurrence for assignment of local lot number will be obtained from the commodity command prior to initiating maintenance.
    Where SB742-1 calls out MILSTD 1168B use MILSTD 1168C dated 2014.
    Consult your local Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammo Surveillance) (QASAS) or Ammunition Manager for further guidance.

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