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    What is the best way to put a stop to the PM setting meetings with government folks and pushing this "product"?


    So, this is the Contractor’s Program Manager for the contract you are the COR on?
    Note to other readers: a phone call with the question submitter confirmed this to be the case.  Here was my telephonic advice:
    Remember your COR training; your job is to ODC; Observe, Document, and Communicate.
    Send an e-mail (communicate) to the PM stating your leadership wants this behavior to stop immediately.  Further state that you have looked through your contract and nowhere in the PWS does the government require (or even want) the contractor to “push any products” on government employees.  Courtesy copy the contracting officer (KO).
    Rationale: This is a form of soliciting, and that is not authorized in most government facilities.  As a result they are violating installation policies and government regulations, and by default, the terms and conditions of the contract.  I’m sure your contract has language that contractor employees working on site must abide by all installation policies.
    If you observe this situation to happen again or continue, DOCUMENT it!!!  Then tell (communicate) this PM you are now elevating this to their supervisor/company leadership and that this behavior will be documented and rated as such in CPARS at the end of the base year.
    If this does not stop the situation, I’m quite sure you’re KO will want to get involved and “have a little fun”, I know I would if I was the KO!!!

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