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    The PEO has been notified of the upcoming breach as of 7 April 2016 and I wanted to ask: 1. What DoD guidance is the best source for information on APB breaches and the documents that must be submitted to the Milestone Decision Authority? 2. What DoD guidance provides the best information on the documents required at Milestone C and the Full Rate Production decision outside of: Note: E-mail is the best way to reach me. V/r, Damien Cooper


    Although there is no specific guidance for an ACAT III program, DOD 5000.02 (Enclosure 1, p. 59) addresses APB guidelines and breaches for MDAPs.  The key focus should be on correcting the issues that caused the breach and accurately projecting a new schedule.  In terms of documents for Milestone C and FRP, the Milestone Document Identification tool that you highlighted is the best source as it is based on DOD 5000.02 Tables 2,5,7, & 10 and also allows the reader to filter the criteria as needed.

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