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    Can the G8/RM/comptroller/BMD as the MIPR Acceptance Authority delegate authority to program analysts assigned to the program to accept MIPRS from customers? Or does MIPR acceptance have to be done by budget analysts? If a delegation of authority to accept MIPRs is possible, can you please provide name/number of appropriate reg/policy? Thank you.


    The acceptance of MIPRs as well as the funds certification process is at the discretion of the Comptroller of who is delegated to accept MIPRs as well as who can certify funds.  The situation you describe below may be solved by having a conversation with the G8/Comptroller to find out why the process for MIPR acceptance is at the budget analysts level and not at the program analysts level.  As far as regulations, there are no set in stone regulations that dictate who can accept MIPRs (funds) or who can certify funds.  The Comptroller has the authority to delegate the acceptance or certification of funds; however, the Comptroller is still responsible for those processes.
    I would suggest you contact the Comptroller to ascertain why the process is in place to provide clarification and explain the bottle neck the current process has imparted into the execution of funds.

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