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    when completing the dd for 2579, do I select small business set aside 100% (a) and (h) other than full and open competition not previously addressed per FAR 6.202 (a), 4 & 5 or just (h) PLEASE ADVISE. URGENT


    If you are doing a 100% set-aside, you can just select 10a.  The directions on the firm say select all that apply.  So if 10h applies, you can select that too if it applies.  Since it appears you have a100% SB set-aside, then check 10a as appropriate and give to your small business specialist for review and signature.  If you are still unsure, then talk it over with your small business specialist.  DD 2579 instructions, found at DFARS PGI 253.219-70 did not contain any other information pertinent to your question.

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