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    Does the contractor have any basis for this claim? When the SOW or requirement changes, prior to proposal due dates/award of contract; isn't it correct that the Government proceed in the manner as stated?


    It is correct that the government can proceed as you've claimed above with one caveat, the Government may be required to withdraw or cancel the RFP as issued, and issue a new RFP with the new work requirement, or, issue an amendment to the RFP and address the changes in that format.  This is necessary if the goverment decides to continue and award a new contract.   If the goverment already has a contract vehicle in place that allows the government to issue a task order or work order to complete the work, then the government only needs to cancel the RFP.  Their is no requirement for the government to go forward with a contract if the requirements have changed, even if an RFP has already been issued and proposal have been received.  This is an inconvenience to the contractors who have taken the time to prepare proposals, so it is always best to issue the RFP cancellation as early as possible upon deciding to take this action.   

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