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    Is there an Army option besides MIPRs that can operate like an AF616 that allows us the flexibility to execute our funds on a more on demand basis?


    One option that could potentially be employed is to set up a Centrally Managed Allotment (CMA).  CMAs are established to finance activities for which centralized controls are more practical.  Special open allotments and
    restricted open allotments are types of funding that are included under the CMA definition (see DFAS-IN Manual 37-100-FY for accounting classification identification).  Not sure the benefit of doing this over a MIPR as you still maintain control over when you obligate and spend the money, based on restrictions specified on the MIPR.  An AF 616 acts just like a MIPR but requires a monthly reconciliation and reporting of funds use.  Problem may be solved by better communication with the funds/MIPR issuer to give you what you are looking for.

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