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    Can you compete an 8(a) requirement that is valued at $178K.


    In accordance with CFR 124.506(c) and FAR 19.805-1(d), you may compete an 8(a) requirement valued at $178K provided it is approved by the SBA Associate Administrator for 8(a) Business Development.  It will be approved only on a limited basis and will be primarily granted where technical competitions are appropriate or where a large number of responsible 8(a) firms are available for competition. 

    So, competition under the threshold of $7M can be done, but it must be approved by the SBA.  However, awards on a noncompetitive basis under the $7M competitive threshold is the preferred method, as the SBA considers whether the procuring activity has made and will continue to make available a significant number of its contracts to the 8(a) BD program on a noncompetitive basis. 

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