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    1. Can I prepare a task order contract for two years, even if the language was included in the base contract? 2. Is there a way to access the base contract to ensure this is actually in the contract? 3. For the PoP for the new task order, do I use two years or base and one option year or do I use the contract's PoP of 12/06/2011 to 12/05/2016?


    Please remember that the intent of 52.216-22 is not to allow for extensions to the IDIQ contract, but to provide the directions to order the supplies/and services specificed in the schedule of the contract (albeit estimates only). 

    Paragraph (a)
    of the clause says that it is effective for the period stated in the schedule.  The Government is obligated to purchase at least the minimum designated in the schedule and the Contractor is not obligated to deliver or perform more than the maximum.  It sounds like since you are buying services for technical assistance, your estimates are probably in the form of hours. 

    Paragraph (d) of the same clause specifically addresses orders that may not be completed during the effective period of the contract.  If you are attempting to issue an order just to extend the life of the contract, please be sure it is within the scope of the contract and permitted by this and all other governing clauses. In regards to accessing the base contract, that is probably a question better answered locally based on your contract writing and/or filing system.

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