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    What takes precedence and has ultimate authority concerning acquisition policy: Agile development or AF policy directives and instructions?


    The general rule of thumb is that DoD/Service directives takes precedence over guidance. Since you weren't specific as to conflict between the DoD/Service directives and Agile development, let me offer some information which may assist you in determining if there is a real conflict and what you can do to resolve. The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) published a report in 2010 entitled, "Considerations for Using Agile in DoD Acquisition." The study was prepared by SEI at the request of Mr. Blaise Durante, Air Force Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition Integration (SAF/AQX). The report delves into the question as to whether Agile development can be used effectively in the DoD acquisition environment. The assessment debunks the myth that Agile Software and DoD software development practices are incompatible. The report includes some hints on areas needing to be addressed when deciding on an Agile Software development approach. You can Google the report for a more detailed insight.

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