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    Are there any cited restrictions that would not allow the practice of field offices using their Corporate Quality Manual?


    Thanks for a great question.  AS9100C does not specify that each branch of an organization should have their own quality manual.  The standard states "The organization shall establish and maintain a quality manual. . ."  then it goes on to say what should be in the manual.  If the corporate manual is being used at a facility and the expectation is that each facility will comply with that overarching manual then they should be able to produce evidence of that compliance.  It would be unacceptable for a facility to say they were doing something different than what is in the manual because they are not at the corporate level unless they are given specific written permission to do so.  Pay particular attention to AS9100C element 5 for what management is responsible for. 

    Focus on the processes established by the organization as to how they intend to meet the requirements of AS9100C.

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