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    Was it the intent of the instruction to issue a COR appointment for the basic contract and each Task Order as identified above for a single award or could the COR appointment letter state and identify the basic contract information and all associated Task Orders executed under this contract? The Task Order numbers are not know at award except for the Funding of the Fixed price work. It seems redundant, time consuming, inefficient use of time and material for all concerned. To executed a COR letter and DD 577 to the same person over and over again under the same contract. The COR appointment letter executed at time of award can be uploaded into CORT Tool for all associated Task Orders. I appreciated your time to answer my question. Thank you!


    The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) system provides the guidelines within which contracting officers do contracts. There is a lot of flexibility afforded acquisition professionals to do what makes the best sense while pursuing best value for the taxpayer. The statement of guiding principles for the Federal Acquisition System at FAR 1.102(d) explicitly encourages smart business decision making. DFARS PGI 201.602-2 incorporates the latest guidance and direction from DoD Instruction 5000.72 for Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) certification and training and DoD COR Handbook regarding COR appointment, designation, and duties. The message is clear. COR duties are important. COR duties are to be considered and documented so they match the particular requirement of each acquisition.  Bottom line: Many acquisition professionals agree a boiler plate template is not sufficient to cover the wide range of possibilities and potential specificity in designated COR duties.

    The contracting officer must appoint the COR and tell the COR their explicit duties in a written designation letter (
    DFARS PGI 201.602-2 and DFARS PGI 201.602-2(v)(A). The details of that designation letter is up to the contracting officer and the acquisition team to do what makes the most sense given the acquisition scenario and agency/local supplements to FAR/DFARS.  Use the flexibility afforded by FAR 1.102(d) and tailor your execution to fit your acquisition scenario.  What the contract says, the nature of the COR duties, and how the contracting officer crafts the designation letter will have an impact on the administrative effort involved in providing a designation letter for each contract or order.

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