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    Does our FMS require an APB? Where can I read about the requirement for an APB?


    An FMS program that is "pure FMS" -- i.e., it is a program that has no overlap with nor is a part of a DoD Program of Record (POR) -- does NOT require an APB.  DoD only requires APBs for "domestic" program efforts.

    However, if the FMS program is in some way, shape, or form  PART of a DoD POR, then its performance COULD have an impact on some APB aspects.  In such situations, the AF Program Office responsible for the "domestic" program (and its APB) should consult with the FMS Deputy PM (or equivalent) and ensure that Program Office personnel responsible for the "domestic" aspects of the program adequately and accurately reflect any FMS program impacts within the "domestic" program APB.

    Additional information on overall DoD APB requirements are available in the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG), however, it might be more efficient to consult with a "domestic program APB expert" at WPAFB to obtain AF-specific guidance and perspectives on DoD APB requirements.

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