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    With regard to transition activities, is there a white paper or document that describes transition best practices within the DoD?


    I wasn’t able to find any DoD best practices this topic. The extent of transition planning for a contract or task order depends a great deal on what it is you are buying. It may not be complex for supplies and transition issues may be handled at the post award orientation conference with the new contractor, DD Form 1484 provides a format and record for the conference.  However, transition planning for services should be part of acquisition planning.  A transition management plan can be required as part of the offerors proposal and can be evaluated during source selection. 

    There are many risks and issues to consider: how critical is the service? Can there be a break in service? Will the new contractor retain the current contractor’s employees? If not, will new employees require training? Are there any security issues? Roles and responsibilities, who is responsible for what and when needs to be defined, etc.  You get the idea. I found a National Contract Management Association (NCMA) presentation from 2014, Government Contract Management Symposium entitled, Lessons Learned on Contract Transition. It may be more complex then you require however you ought to find it helpful.  

    You may want to check within your agency to see if you can find a sample or template you can follow. Good luck with your transition.

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