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    Should I approve an ECP; which derived from a latent issue, prior to final testing and demonstration that the ECP changes fix the issue?


    Thanks for your question! Firstly, it's incumbent on the government to verify that the latent issue is the result of a likely malfunction when exposed to the expected operating envelope of a system (or subsystem). If the government is satisfied with high confidence that enough testing has been conducted and the latent issue is representative of the defined operating parameters and the issue is repeatable, then there may be no need to issue a Preliminary ECP (Type P).  Type Ps are “used to address the impact of proposed changes in general terms sufficient enough for the government to determine if final ECPs [i.e. Type F] are warranted.” On the other hand, if there is more testing required, along with a sense of urgency to start the ECP process because the PM needs to better understand the complexity of the proposed change, then a Type F would be warranted.

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