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    Does a DOD Instruction exist that defines the DOD standard for Program Management (i.e. something similar to 5000.72, but for PMs)? If not, why not?


    To my knowledge, there is no single source for requirements to be a DoD Program Manager. Due to the flexibility allowed in applying the requirements delineated in the DoDD 5000.01 and DoDI 5000.02, each Service/Agency has broad latitude on the development of personnel for program management positions and each of them establishes their own requirements for those positions.  However, under the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA), there are some mandatory training, education, and experience requirements that must be met to achieve certification levels.  All of the requirements for each career field are outlined at
    DoD does provide specific requirements for those personnel assigned to Critical Acquisition Positions (CAP) in DoDI 5000.66 dated Jan 2005 but that document may not provide the necessary detail.  Additionally, a recently added tool titled Acquisition Workforce Qualification Initiative, may provide additional information. AWQI is an employee development tool used to identify job specific gaps in experience, allow for identification of on-the-job developmental opportunities and to capture demonstrated acquisition experience.

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