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    Which contracting offices are customers allowed to use for contracting support? Who approves using other contracting shops? If one is too busy to meet my needs may I ask another for help? May I choose according to my preference, or are there limits to my options? I seem to recall that it is a commanders choice to use any and all contracting offices which are willing to assist but I can't find any documentation.


    Support by an external contracting office is typically arranged by memorandum of agreement, with associated fees in accordance with the DoD Financial Management Regulation. In some cases support is part of the budget structure. For example, DoD's Washington Headquarters Services provides contracting support for the Defense Acquisition University as part of DoD's Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (AT&L) organization. At other times DAU has used GSA for contracting support. The clear guidance you are looking for does not exist, as it depends on which agency is willing and/or budgeted to provide the support for another.

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