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    Can the Ammunition Accountable Officer have un-escorted access to the ASP even though she has full access rights to the stock control system?


    AR 190-11, Paragraph 5-9 discusses Entry Control to Secured Areas, however; question merits a twofold response since person has access to accountability records.

    First: Entry Control:

    (4) Persons requiring frequent recurring entrance to the area will either be listed on an entry control roster, prepared
    by the responsible storage commander, or issued a photographic security badge which clearly establishes the authority
    to enter. The roster will contain as a minimum, the name, grade, and unit or organization of each authorized person.

    b. Personnel, including guards or host country guards, whose duties require unescorted access to storage facilities
    containing classified missiles, rockets, or other classified items will have a security clearance commensurate with the
    classification of the items involved.

    c. A two-person rule will be established for access to storage facilities containing Category I missiles and rockets.
    No one individual can have access.


    In this circumstance and based on information provided; Accountable Officer can have un-escorted access to the ASP as long as he has no access to the bunkers or ammunition in outside storage.

    HQDA agrees with this interpretation of the rule.

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