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    When expecting provisioning data from a contractor, should you expect to receive the EDFP or the PPL first in order to support the other?


    Data from the PPL and EDFP will be leveraged in Configuration Management and Technical Data Management. The data may or may not be in the form of Technical Data Packages.
    Early in the Provisioning stage, a PPL is documented. The PPL is a thorough documentation of an end item, component, or assembly, inclusive of all support items which can be disassembled, reassembled, or replaced, and which, when combined, constitute the end item, component, or assembly. The PPL shall include items such as attaching hardware, parts, materials, connecting cabling, piping, and fittings required for the operation and maintenance of the end item, component, or assembly. The PPL includes all repairable and non-repairable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) items unless excluded by the provisioning requirements.
    Engineering Data for Provisioning (EDFP) is the technical data used to describe the parts/equipment that will need to be procured and readily available once the system is fielded. These data may consists of specifications, standards, drawings, photographs, sketches and descriptions and necessary assembly, interface, and general arrangement drawings, schematic diagrams, wiring and cable diagrams necessary to indicate the physical characteristics, location, and/or function of an item.
    As the Provisioning Parts List is developed, an Engineering Data for Provisioning (EDFP) package is also typically prepared, consisting of the information that provides technical support for the items appearing in the PPL. The EDFP can be organized in such a way that it mirrors the sequence of parts appearing in the PPL and is specially annotated with provisioning codes and data that relate each item to the PPL.  An application used to facilitate the creation of the PPL is the LOGSA developed POWERLOG J software. POWERLOG J centralizes the data management process and assists in error checking the data elements.
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